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NEW Premium Anti Static Hair Brush

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"My Ionic hairbrush exceeds my expectations. Not only did it ship fast, but it also looks great and it works wonders with my fine and very curly hair. I have fallen in love with how silky it makes my hair look and feel, thank you."
Cynthia R.



With its slick design and space-age good looks, it fits easily in your handbag and more than anything, it works to untangle even the most unruly hair in just a few strokes. Every time you brush your hair, the technology behind the Ionic hairbrush will let you feel as if you just stepped out of a salon.


"Invest In Your HairIts The Crown You Never Take Off."

It is so effective in eliminating static electricity and static, that your hair will be smoother, and shinier than ever before while looking and feeling healthy and conditioned. If your hair is dry and tangled, knots easily or you have split ends - then the Ionic hairbrush will be the answer to your bad hair day prayers. It nestles into the palm of your hand like a computer mouse and can massage your scalp as you brush health and luster into your hair.

Whatever style your hair is fashioned, whether, it’s long, short, curly, straight, thick, thin, or somewhere in between, the Ionic hairbrush will turn all your days into good hair days. It is not just another hairbrush, it truly is a hair care product that promotes healthy, shiny good looking hair, through technology that works for you. You will never want to use an ordinary brush again.



"The Happier You Are,

The More Beautiful You Become!"

Reasons why the Premium Anti Static Hair Brush will change your life:

✔︎ You will never do damage to your hair again by struggling with knots and tangles. The Ionic hairbrush glides through even the most tangled hair.

✔︎ Imagine not having to worry about whether your hair is going to be frizzy and static because no matter what the conditions you can simply brush your problems away

✔︎ Massaging your scalp promotes relaxation and stimulates good hair growth, you will love it so much that you would like to brush your hair more often, which in itself is beneficial.

✔︎ The rounded, stainless steel bristles work gently with your hair and help to prevent split ends and other damage to your hair.

✔︎ You will find that with the palm held design, you are less likely to pull your hair when you brush.

✔︎ You will notice that by generating negative ions and neutralizing static. The Ionic hairbrush is making your hair 100% more manageable than ever before, freeing you up to experiment with different hairstyles.

✔︎ You will 
appreciate how smooth and silky soft it leaves your hair feeling after every brush.

✔︎ People will compliment you on how healthy your hair is looking and you will know how good it feels to touch the silky strands of your hair.



"There really is no such thing as people with bad hair... Just people who haven't found the right BRUSH!"



With the simple setup steps, it's easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 GO!


1. Remove the Brush Cushion. Press the eject button to release.

2. Discover the battery cover inside and open.

3. Insert the AAA battery. Make sure it is facing the right direction + to - then replace the battery cover as it was.

4. Reinstall the brush cushion and press it down firmly into the brush body. When installed correctly you will hear a 'click' sound.

5.  Away you go. Turn your brush on by the button on the side and feel the gentle vibration on your scalp as you brush that life back into your hear.


Imagine Never Having A "Bad Hair Day" Ever Again!


Oh, and I mean that literally. You will never have to face a static mop again, let alone wishing that you can just hide your hair underneath a hat or a cap. Having an Ionic hairbrush will not only take away all your tangled hair blues it will greatly improve the health and luster of your hair. It works by eliminating the static electricity and promoting negatively charged ions, smoothing, and conditioning your hair as you brush. Did I mention that it also provides a pleasurable scalp massage to ease out the tension and stimulate hair growth? It is so gentle on your hair and your whole family can benefit from these brushes. Buy one for each member of your family and say goodby to bad hair days forever.

LOVE is in the HAIR!



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