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Hands Free Bacteria Killing Robot

Bacteria Killing Robot

"I was skeptical at first, but since buying the robot and watching it work, I am now a dedicated believer in what it can do. I could actually sit and watch him move around all day but the best part is that I don't suffer from my usual allergies anymore, it's a big bonus."
Caroll R.


Let's face it! There’s only so much that soap and water and clean! As shocking as that sounds, dust and bed mites survive regular cleaning and are the main cause of allergies and infections. Now there is no reason to gamble with you and your family's health ever again. With the Hands Free Bacteria Killing Robot, no one ever needs to suffer from respiratory infections or allergens every again.


"Your health is an investment, not an Expense!"

The Hands Free Bacteria Killing Robot has been independently tested and is proven effective against 99% of E. Coli and other harmful bacteria. It is compact and lightweight, making it an ideal traveling companion, giving you peace of mind when staying in those hotels or motels. Get comfort in knowing that what you are sleeping in is clean and bacteria-free. The UV-C light sterilizes and disinfects all surfaces and has been tested on over 40 different types of materials. The Hands Free Bacteria Killing Robot is small enough to be easily used on and in beds, bathrooms, kitchen work surfaces, and floors. You can even sterilize your phone, tablets, remote controls, and pretty much any surface you come in contact with.

The intelligent design and 18 smart sensors, ensure the robot never gets stuck, tips over, or fall from furnishings. All it needs is ½ hour charge time put it to work and it will last for hours, cleaning and sterilizing and providing you with a safe and bacteria-free environment.




"He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything!"

Reasons why the Hands Free Bacteria Killing Robot will change your life:

✔︎  Imagine never having to worry or be bothered about bacteria and germs when staying over in a hotel ever again! Why?, Because you have your very own travel robot which cleans, disinfects and sterilizes your travel accommodation for you.

✔︎ You will love that you can simply place your robot in your bed and it will automatically sense the area, find its way around and sterilize the bedding

✔︎ With the 18 smart sensors with which it is equipped, allow you to place the robot on any surface and it will never get stuck, fall off, or fail you in any other way.

✔︎ The Hands Free Bacteria Killing Robot is quiet, compact, and efficient, and has been third-party tested to be effective at eliminating 99% of all hazardous germs and bacteria leaving everything so clean.

✔︎ You will immediately notice how much better you feel and you will experience far fewer allergies and respiratory infections.

✔︎ The Hands Free Bacteria Killing Robot is so compact and easy to take with you that you will never travel anywhere without it again. When you arrive simply take it out start it going and away you go. Knowing that when you return back to your room it will be perfectly ready for you to relax and have that great night's sleep.

✔︎ Being rechargeable and offering a quick charge of only ½ hour, makes it 
very convenient. Take it anywhere you do without the need of power.

✔︎ You may rest assured knowing that you Hands Free Bacteria Killing Robot is working hard! Always protecting you from any unseen environmental conditions that could potentially cause you harm.



"When your environment is clean, you feel happier, healthier, and more Motivated!" 


With the simple setup steps, it's easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 GO!


Stay Clean and Healthy!


You may think it looks clean on the surface, but those germs and are there hiding out on everything that we touch. Normal washing and cleaning do not get into those hard to reach places to kill that bacteria, dust mites or germs. They still lurk in the mattress and bedding of your home, on the tables and benches we prepare food on and eat from.

Traveling and staying in paid accommodation present so many possible scenarios where you can pick up serious infections. Having your very own Hands Free Bacteria Killing Robot at your disposal ready to battle, neutralize, and kill those harmful bacteria will help keep you healthy no matter where you are staying.

For people who are sensitive to dust mites and other allergens, the Hands Free Bacteria Killing Robot will bring relief by effectively sterilizing the environment you are in. No more sneezing, coughing, and that runny nose. Sleep in peace knowing the battle has already been won. Sleep more content now that you are breathing cleaner and fresher air. Once you let this Hands Free Bacteria Killing Robot into your life, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

From its compact size to its undefeatable strength, know you are now protected, with your very own Hands Free Bacteria Killing Robot.

Sleep Content, Fresh & Clean!



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