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Easy Wash Hand Cleansing Soap Paper

Cleansing Soap

"I’m so happy because I finally found a solution for when I use washrooms that don't have a soap dispenser or have run out. I love these! I now carry my own soap with me everywhere. I love that it is so small I can easily keep in my purse."
Robyn A.




Everyone has had that moment, needing to use the public washrooms or toilets and there is NO SOAP! The soap dispenser is empty, not working, vandalized, or was simply never installed. Have you ever been somewhere where you look down to wash your hands and you see this little dirty hairy piece of soap just ready for you to use? All this is why it is so important to be able to carry your very own soap with you everywhere you go. That’s why we created the Easy Wash Hand Cleansing Soap Paper for moments just like these.




"Clean hands are Safe hands!."


Having your very own soap makes paper gives you the comfort and convenience that for those unexpected times. Having these handy soap papers cannot be overstated. We have all experienced the discomfort of sticky or dirty hands and not being able to clean yourself is very unpleasant indeed. Whether you are traveling, camping, hiking, at a BBQ, or any outdoor activity, keeping an Easy Wash Hand Cleansing Soap Paper pouch on you will ensure that you will always have the convenience of being able to keep yourself clean at all times.



All you need is a little water and the soap paper will completely dissolve into a fragrant foam, leaving your hands sparkling clean and fresh. It is one of the most useful and essential items to always keep in your purse, backpack, or car.




"Wash away your troubles, with some bubbles!"


Reasons why the Easy Wash Hand Cleansing Soap Paper will improve your life:

✔︎ Knowing that you will be able to wash your hands where ever you are, regardless of the state of the public amenities is a comforting thought.

✔︎ You will love the convenience and fresh fragrance of these handy Easy Wash Hand Cleansing Soap Paper sheets. It is so easy now to always have some in your purse

✔︎  The pocket-size pouches easily fit into your bag or purse and come in a range of pastel colors, keeping the soap sheets protected.

✔︎ The soap is soft and gentle on your skin and suitable for the most sensitive skin types.

✔︎  You will be happy to know that the soap sheets completely dissolve and do not pose a threat to the environment.

✔︎ The Easy Wash Hand Cleansing Soap Paper sheets are so small and convenient that you will be able to keep some in your pocket, at the office, in your car, with you on trips always to give you that peace of mind.

✔︎ Your whole 
family will love them and take with them where ever they go. It is great for school, the sports field, gym, etc.

✔︎ You will never be stuck when those public amenities don’t provide you with even your basic needs ever again.



"Clean your hands, Protect your health!" 


With the simple setup steps, it's easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 GO!


1. Remove the Cleansing Soap sheet from the pouch using dry hands.


2. Place in the palm of your hand and turn on the water.



3. Lather cleansing soap in hands,  watch and feel as it dissolves into soft lathering soap suds.



4. Rinse and dry... It's That Easy!  


Imagine Never being left without a way to wash your hands Ever Again!


The need for and importance of good personal hygiene has always been very important in staying clean and healthy. While everyone agrees that it is essential to wash one's hands frequently by using soap and water, there are many situations where liquid soap dispensers are not available or have run out of soap.

With the Easy Wash Hand Cleansing Soap Paper, they come pre-packed in user-friendly pouches that are small and convenient. They have been designed to be easily carried in your purse, bag, or pocket everywhere you go. With these handy soap sheets, you will always have soap with you to make sure that you stay clean and fresh.

It is so easy to carry these Easy Wash Hand Cleansing Soap Paper sheets with you, that you should encourage every member of your family to do so. Share them amongst your friends and work colleagues. The soap is environmentally friendly, fragrant, soft, and gentle on your skin.

There is no longer any reason for not having soap available to you. Stop the spread of germs. Stay clean with your very own Easy Wash Hand Cleansing Soap Paper.


Open your heart, Wash your hands!



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