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Adorable Beanie Bundle

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"I am a first time mom and this is a very special time for me. The moment that I saw these adorable beanies, I simply had to try them. They arrived and I love them! Thank you."
Judy M. CA USA



This premium quality wool beanie bundle is super soft and luxuriously warm for you both. With cold weather approaching, you and your baby will be kept snug and warm whilst looking fantastic together. With the designer addition of the adorable pom-poms, these beanies will put you and your baby on a whole new level of cuteness.

"The Perfect way to accessorize with your little one this winter.."

With such a simple visual link, the bond is strengthened into both your memories. Not only are the two of you going to be picture perfect with your matching beanies, but you will also be ensuring the safety and health of your baby. Body temperature escapes easiest through the head, therefore it is important to wear adequate headwear to maintain body temperature. This will also help to prevent all those nasties like the common cold and flu.


"Did you know that dressing alike helps to strengthen the bond between mother and child?"

Reasons why this Adorable Beanie Bundle will change the way you enjoy Winter:

✔︎ You will have peace of mind, knowing that you and your baby are well protected against the cold this winter.

✔︎ The beanies are made from natural wool, providing you with a beanie that is naturally soft and luxuriously gentle on your skin.

✔︎ It is a premium quality product available to you at a super affordable price this winter.

✔︎ Looks are important. You and your baby are going to be adored by everyone in your beautiful matching beanies.

✔︎ You will be laying the foundation for the relationship with your child that will last throughout your whole lives, building it on love and kindness.

✔︎ You are giving your baby and yourself as much protection as you possibly can against colds and flu symptoms this season.

✔︎ Even during winter, you are still exposed to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and the beanies will offer you all the protection that you need.

✔︎ Matching outfits create a visual connection between you and your baby that helps to strengthen the bond that you already have.

"The color of springtime is flowers. The color of winter is Our Imagination!"





Be prepared for all the compliments that are bound to be coming your way!


There is no doubt that a strong bond is formed between a child and its mother during the earliest stages of development and that this bond is arguably one of the strongest emotional connections possible between any two humans.

During this very special time its great to know that you can strengthen this unbreakable alliance with your little-one even more through the simple act of establishing a visual link between the two of you.

This beanie bundle is more than just a cute fashion statement. It is the winning combination of design, colors, and, style that will signal you out as the awesome fashionable team that you both are.

Knowing that your number one accessory this yearis made from a quality, natural wool that is super soft and warm is just more reason to grab hold of this beanie bundle while it still lasts.

The design and craftsmanship that goes into the making of these adorable beanies will ensure that your memories of this special time are supported by a quality product that you will always cherish.

The quality of the materials and craftsmanship is equal to none!




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