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SuperSUN-x Led UV Nail Dryer


There are so many reasons why the SuperSUNx LED UV Nail Dryer is considered perfect for your nails. With its Smart Sensor built right into the design, it will automatically turn on and off to create that super strong nail finish. The 36 durable super LED light beads, with a life span of over 50000 hours will give you comfort and security knowing that your investment will last up to 5 years with continuous use. With this advanced technology, each led smd includes 2 kinds of wavelength 365nm and 405nm which covers a wider range of ultraviolet band, suitable and guaranteed for drying UV led nail gel. The SuperSUNx Led UV Nail Dryer will certainly cut your drying time down dramatically which most importantly will allow you to get out to have your fun. Even if you are a salon or a nail artist professional, the SuperSUNx LED UV Nail Dryer will save you time and allow you attend to multiple clients in your day which intern, your clients will be much happier as you are saving them time in providing a super fast service. With 4 timer setting buttons (10s 30s 60s 99s) and 2 in 1 button (99s low-heat/double power) you can switch 54w/48w power. The SuperSUNx LED UV Nail Dryer is a quick and efficient drying experience with user-friendly buttons at an affordable price.

  • Will better protect the skin of the hands as the LED simulates the sun's rays and the soft light does not hurt eyes.
  • With a Faster and Finer Finish especially if you like to apply multiple layers of nail polish.
  • Each polish layer will dry faster to give a neat professional finish.
  • There is no smearing or smudging of nail polish when you use the SuperSUNx LED UV Nail Dryer.
  • User-friendly buttons
  • Online Exclusive Not sold in stores at an Affordable price

You can all remember that time when you were running late for that special event. You decided to leave your nails to the last moment so as they could dry in time without being messed up. Hair done, makeup made, now the time came for your nails at last. There you were rushing for that perfect nail finish. With seconds to spare you finish just in time to run out that door but… you did the unforgettable… you brushed your nails against the handle on your way out!! What can you do now? Your nails will not have that perfect salon finish anymore. With the SuperSUNx LED UV Nail Dryer, you will Never feel this way ever again. Your nails will be picture perfect and dry rock solid every time, even at the most time sensitive moments.