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Stunning & Private 3d Rainbow Film


"Fast shipping...Easy installation...I'm fascinated! I love the final result. They give privacy and color to my flat. I cut a window so my cat can see out...happy!"
Cathy S.




With this special design of irregular patterns, this 3D window film creates subtle rainbow visual effects when sunlight shines through. After installation it will bring a unique decoration to your windows as well as beautiful light patterns throughout your home.



"When it rains, look for rainbows!"

But why wait for rain when you can see beautiful peaceful rainbows every day.


You wont have to worry again about putting up those heavy expensive blinds or curtains, as this magic rainbow film serves not only as an experience of living by letting natural light shine through into your home but also by providing privacy by keeping any unwanted eyes out.

With this unique window film, you will be able to replace those old traditional blinds and curtains and sit back and relax in that special, elegant beautiful space that you created all on your own.




How this Rainbow Film will Change the way you see Life!


✔︎ This 3d Rainbow Film not only looks Amazing but protects your skin by blocking out 45%-85% of solar heat as well as up to 96% of UV rays.

✔︎ Along with protecting your skin from those harmful UV rays it will also protect your furniture from getting directly exposed to sunlight; by letting filtered natural light in. This creates a soft, warm atmosphere for you. 

✔︎ Protected Privacy leads to a safe and secure Life. With your very own semi-private window film covering your windows and creating that magnificent glow throughout your rooms, this helps serve a very important functional purpose as well.

✔︎ By adding the 3d Rainbow Film to your windows and doors, this gives you all the partial privacy for your personal space that you need.

✔︎ Utilizing its very own Striking Patterns with the special irregular shapes, this 3d window film creates the most stunning rainbow visual effect when sunlight shines through.

✔︎ A cost-effective alternative to heavy expensive curtains or blinds and an awesome talking point when friends and family come to visit.

✔︎ It doesn't matter if it's sunny, cloudy, dark, or bright you will be amazed by just how special having this 3d Rainbow film on your windows will look.




Your window now becomes a live piece of art, changing with the weather and lighting conditions inside and out.

Unlike other cheaper copies, this 3d Rainbow film works with water and static to attach to your glass windows and doors. There is no need to get your hands dirty with that sticky glue or adhesives. With the very simple setup steps, you'll have your room looking amazing in minutes! 


An Interesting Fact to Know is that the 3d Rainbow window film itself does not actually have any color - it almost looks clear - Fascinating! What it does have is a holographic sheen. So with the special 3d laser design, when sunlight hits the film it allows light to refract in the most stunning ways to show a bright and colorful visual effect.


With the simple installation steps, it's easy as 1, 2, 3! (4,5,6)



1. First prepare your window surface by cleaning. Make sure the glass is clean and smooth.

2. Measure the glass and cut the film into the required size and peel off the transparent backing film.

3. Wet the glass surface - the more water the better. Spray a lot of water both on the window surface and window film back during installation for effective attachment.

4. Apply the smooth side of the film to the wet glass.

5.  Use a window scraper to scrape down the film from top to bottom, left to right. Squeezing the excess water out from behind the film as you go.

6. Cut any excess film from around the edges while leaving a small gap of approximately 1 cm or less around the bottom edge to let the excess water flow out.


No Glue Hassles which makes the film removable: The window sticker is static cling without any sticky, harmful, and chemical glues, super easy to install. It can be easily removed and reused multiple times.


Imagine every time you walk into your home having that relaxing special space just waiting for you. Well, now you won't have to just imagine it. With the 3d Rainbow Film, you will be able to...


Create Your Own Rainbow Every Single Day



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