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Secret Message Sequin Pillow

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"I ordered the cushion cover as a gift for my girlfriend and I am happy to say that she loves it. The image quality is good and it matches up to my expectations."
James S.



Are you looking for that unique gift, or wanting to commemorate a birthday or anniversary. Maybe you just want to add a very personal touch to your home decoration. There is no limitation to the types of secret messages and images that you can have reproduced hidden by the sequins, lending to an unlimited added sense of fun and enjoyment for everyone.



"Give freedom to your imagination and let your creativity flow."


As you create a feeling of fun and happiness, these personalized scatter pillows establish their own identity to your surroundings and generate a warm loving atmosphere that is felt by all who visit. Use these Secret Message Sequin Pillows to establish a focal point that encourages conversation and admiration.

Wherever your pillows are on display, they will certainly draw much attention and compliments. Whether it if for home or business, as an expression of your individuality, you cannot go wrong with the Secret Message Sequin Pillow to brighten up your room.



"Live for the Moments you can't put into words!"

Reasons why the Secret Message Sequin Pillow is Perfect for You:

✔︎ You will add a very personal touch to your home when you introduce the Secret Message Sequin Pillow to your rooms.

✔︎ Your pillows will be so personal and unique. They will reflect your love, character, and style. 
✔︎ As a gift, you will find that the recipients are delighted to receive something so special and personal from you.

✔︎For business, there is no better way than to advertise your brand in this unique  eye-catching way.

✔︎ You will be able to finally get those photos out to be seen. This makes your pillow covers not only comfortable to put your head on but valuable additions to your decor.

✔︎ Having the freedom to choose images and pictures that you make, ensure that you can create exactly what you desire, without having to settle for the limitations that you find when buying off the shelf.

✔︎ Our sequins provide a feeling of 
theatrical glamour to the design, making your  pillows stand out as a focal point in any room.

✔︎  SOLVED! Finding that perfect gift for your loved ones. Everyone will be so excited when they open this unique personal gift from you.



"Have you ever seen those sequinned pillows around and wished that you could do the same with your own picture? "



Well, Now You Can!!


1. Simply upload your picture and it will be sent straight to us!

2. Not long after that, you'll receive in the mail, your very own customized Secret Message Sequin Pillow!


It's That Easy!



 The perfect Color Combination to match any décor.


You can now order the Secret Message Sequin Pillow to be reproduced with your very own pictures in this special select range of limited edition colors. The freedom of choice is now entirely yours and you can use this to put your personalized touch on the styling of every room in your house. Using these specially created pillow covers, you can now show the people you love with the magic of these Secret Message Sequin Pillows. These pillows provide you with the means to share your love and expression to friends and family members, showing tangible evidence of your affection and gratitude toward them. You create your very own beautiful photo collages to be reproduced for either personal or business use as nothing is preventing you from incorporating your company logo into a design for the office or boardroom. As a unique and customizable object, these pillow covers will become a sought after commodity. You will be surprised at what you can achieve when you let your imagination run wild.

Open your mind to the possibilities and grab your Secret Message Sequin Pillow Now!



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